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The Administration of the Museum is carried out by the Director of the Museum. The Director of the Museum is a Professor or Associate Professor of the School of Sciences and Engineering (S.S.E.) of the University of Crete with educational, research and administrative activities related to the Museum. The Director represents the Museum inside and outside the University of Crete, decides on current operational issues and is responsible to the University authorities for the proper operation, management and development of the Museum.

The operation and organization of the Divisions is carried out by the Curators, while the Laboratory units are carried out by the Scientific Managers. The Curators are specialized scientists holding a doctorate degree, relevant to the subject of the Division they head. The Curators may be professors or Teaching & Technical Support Staff of the University of Crete, or even scientists on contract or seconded from other institutions. They are selected by S.S.E. after a recommendation from the Director and the Museum Committee. The term of office of the Curators is five years with the right of renewal following a new decision of the S.S.E.

The scientific Heads of the Laboratory Units are specialized scientists holding a doctorate degree related to the scientific subject of the Laboratory Unit they head.

Museum Committee: The Museum Committee, chaired by the museum’s director, is made up of the curators and the scientific managers of the laboratory units. It meets regularly every month and extraordinary whenever there are reasons. It shapes the annual and three-year planning of the Museum’s activities. Assists the Director in the financial management and operation of the Museum and advises him on any issue related to the smooth operation and development of the Museum. The committee also includes a representative of the School, who by decision of the school has been appointed by the Chair of the Biology Department.

Museum Committee