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Through Lifelong Learning seminars, ongoing environmental education, training, awareness, training, special information and related activities on environmental issues of the Eastern Mediterranean are provided. These programs, which connect theoretical, practical and laboratory knowledge, are implemented either remotely, or face-to-face, or a combination of them, in 4 specially equipped rooms in the museum exhibition space:

  • Theory Room, where the theoretical training, discussion or presentations to the plenary session of the trainees take place, as well as access to information and bibliographic sources through the internet.
  • Activity Room, where learners, in groups, can be trained in Educational techniques, such as role-playing, simulation, construction, visual arts, etc.
  • Two Laboratory Rooms, equipped with stereoscopes that allow the three-dimensional observation of animal and plant organisms, rocks, fossils, etc.

As long as it is necessary for the education or training, other areas of the Museum are also used, e.g. the Multimedia Room, the areas of the Educational Programs, etc.

At the same time, the training laboratory of the NHMC-UoC coordinates the:

  • Training and e-Learning Group of CETAF
  • The Center for Adult Education and Training (CETAF-DEST), in the framework of which specialized courses are designed and implemented with topics related to collections, field methods, taxonomy, biodiversity, etc., in English.
Educational Programs