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The Association “Friends of the Natural History Museum of Crete” is a non-profit organization with the aim of supporting and strengthening the Natural History Museum of Crete- University of Crete and its activities.

The members of the Association have the right to elect and be elected, as long as they are financially aware, free entry to the NHMC-UoC Exhibition for one year, 15% discount at the NHMC-UoC shop, special prices at events, workshops organized inside or outside the exhibition hall, as well as immediate information via e-mail about the news of the Association and the NHMC-UoC.

How can you become a member of the Association?

  1. Greeks and foreigners can become its members.
  2. Fill out the registration form.
  3. Submit the registration application together with the amount of the annual subscription at the reception of the NHMC-UoC Exhibition during the museum’s opening hours.
  4. You get the receipt.
  5. Show your receipt for your free admission to the museum Exhibition.


The Association “Friends of the Natural History Museum of Crete” accepts, under conditions, a limited number of students for internships. For further information, click here.

Management board of the Association "Friends of the Natural History Museum of Crete"


The Board of Directors of the “Friends of the Natural History Museum of Crete” Association has a two-year term, and the present Board of Directors was established on January 11, 2022 as follows:

President: Mylonas Moysis
Vice President: Stratoudakis Evangelos
Secretary: Stathis Iasmi
Treasurer: Nektaria Manousoudakis
Member: Dimitrios Katsaprakakis
Member: Linardaki Irini
Member: Mylonas Konstantinos
Asst. member: Nikolaos Psaroudakis

Activities of the association

October-December 2022: “Environmental Education & Awareness Activities to highlight the natural environment of Crete” with the Support of the Region of Crete

November 2022-May 2024: “Learning Mobility Scheme Grant Agreement KA122, Adult Education Sector ERASMUS+ 2022”, State Scholarship Foundation