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The Exhibition of the NHMC-UoC has various spaces that can meet the needs of various events. Conferences, business meetings, seminars, music, theater and dance performances are some of the events that can be hosted.

Call us Monday to Friday, 09:00-15:00, on 2810 393630, for more information.

Multimedia Room

The Multimedia room has a capacity of 93 people in a theatrical setting, on the -1 level of the Exhibition.

It has audio-visual equipment, such as projector and screen, computer, microphone installation and wireless microphone/intercom, wireless Wi-Fi network and air conditioning.

Refreshment Room

The Refreshment room has table seating for 43 people and is located on the +1 level of the Exhibition.

The orientation of the room is north with its glass wall facing the sea offering an excellent view of the Cretan sea.

3rd floor Hall

The 3rd floor hall is a comfortable bright hall, 100 sq.m, with a cork floor. It can accommodate 120 chairs and a stage.

It is suitable for dance or theater performances, experiential seminars, art seminars, etc. The hall is also available for the hosting of Periodical Exhibitions.


The classroom is located in the west side of the building and has a capacity of 40 people.

The room has desks, chairs, wireless Wi-Fi and air conditioning.

Research site yard

The museum courtyard includes the museum’s Botanical Garden and a section of the Dinosaurs Extreme exhibit.

The courtyard can host small events, musical evenings, film screenings, etc. The courtyard also accommodates 5 tables in the shape of a rotunda.