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Museum Kits approach an environmental issue with as many tools as possible, making use of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT).

They contain a theory book, which analyzes the subject, activities for the classroom or nature, adapted to the different age levels, such as board games, puzzles, observational exercises, verbal games, memory and exercise games, implementation of experiments, worksheets for nature , DVDs, plant and animal guides as well as good use instructions for the teacher.

The above is enclosed in a suitcase or other suitcase-like device, which can travel and thus transfer the knowledge even to the most remote parts of Greece, which do not have the possibility to visit the Museum.

They are addressed mainly to the Educational community (Teachers, students) but also to other bodies that provide Education.

For information and availability please contact Dr. Iasmi Stathis, NHMC-UoC Education manager here:

The Bearded Vulture
The underground journey of water
The plateaus of Psiloritis
Earthquakes & Volcanoes (Early Age)
Earthquakes & Volcanoes
Sitia – Karydi Park
Sitia – Epano Zakros Park
Climate change
The Aegean Archipelago
Greek Caves and Bats
The Olive Tree in the Cretan place and time