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Stella Chaireti


employees of the Exhibition of Natural History Museum of Crete visited National Museum of Denmark

Staff mobility funded by Erasmus+ / State Scholarships Foundation (IKY) Key Action 1: Learning Mobility of Individuals

Erasmus+ Adult education-Job Shadowing Project code: : 2022-1-EL01-KA122-ADU-000072972 Staff mobility: Stella Chaireti, Konstantina Mousouri, Sevi Vergaki, Konstantina Balari 4 employees of the Exhibition of Natural History Museum of Crete job-shadowed members of the staff of the National Museum of Denmark- Nationalmuseet and participated in a variety of activities during the mobility period, 12/01/2024 – 20/01/2024, in Copenhagen. Activities;
  • Introduction to the National Museum of Denmark- Nationalmuseet - about the mission and the goals of the National Museum of Denmark- Nationalmuseet.
  • Participation and Job-Shadowed to three social employee’s events (2 annuals new year’s decerebrations, king’s coronation).
  • Participation and Job-Shadowed to the morning briefings where the museum staff are informed about the daily schedule, about the possible changes and decided on their next moves during the day.
  • Participation and Job-Shadowed the guided tours, Meet the Danes, Tales from the Tomb, Inuit, Danish Pre-History Exhibition, Middle age and Renaissance Exhibitions, Ethnographical Treasures, People of the Earth and The Victorian Home.
  • Job-Shadowed the General ...