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The department of Arthropods started back in 1985, as “Arthropod Lab” with taxonomic and ecological orientations. The last years is more active in fields like biogeography, phylogeography and phylogenesis of many ground living Beetles (Carabidae, Tenebrionidae, Staphylinidae, etc.), the Scorpions of the Mediterranean, some ground living Spider families and Centipedes.


The activities of the arthropod tax office in recent years include the following:

  • Records of species and distributions of Greek:
    • Spiders (Spiders & Scorpions)
    • Pancakes
    • Coleoptera (Carabidae, Tenebrionidae, Scarabaeidae, Cerambycidae, and Staphylinidae)
    • Scorpions
  • Phylogeny and Biogeography of the genus Dendarus (Coleoptera-Tenebrionidae).
  • Ecology (study of nocturnal activity) of the genus Mesobuthus (Scorpiones).
  • Participations in Habitat Management programs (programs of N.H.M.C.), with emphasis on the analysis of terrestrial arthropods.
  • Participations in publications or studies of N.H.M.C. with ecological or similar issues for the Greek or Mediterranean area.
  • Support participations and cooperation in matters of terrestrial arthropods with other laboratories (eg analysis of stomach contents of various vertebrates, when the diet includes insects or other arthropods, analysis of feces in insectivorous organisms, etc).