• 01 Oct 2020

The Museum of Natural History of Crete - University of Crete launched in November 2019 a family action, “Museum’s fairy tales”. Every third Sunday of the month, parents and children, with a backdrop of an ecosystem and a brochure-guide, with their imagination as a driving
force, became aspiring writers and painters!
NHMC-UoC collected, edited and presents the fairy tales created “within it”. Three fairy tales were selected by the Museum team to be translated into three languages (English, Russian, French), thus offering the possibility to non-greek speaking visitors to enjoy the narratives that
our museum created.
Another museum experience inspired by the idea that a visit to a museum can be a unique experience through a variety of stimuli and multifaceted creations. Science and art coexist harmoniously in a common place that becomes the occasion for fantasy journeys and knowledge.

Idea-implementation, Stella Chaireti
General curator, Olga Berdiaki, Niki Paximada
Editing-Translation, Margarita Chrysoula Kotsi
Graphic design, Giannis Harkoutsis