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The Natural History Museum Library specializes mainly in the thematic fields of Biology, Botany, Zoology, Geology, Paleontology and Ecology-Environment.

The NHMC-Uoc:

  • supports the needs of the under- and postgraduate studies of the University of Crete and of the basic and applied research of the museum staff,
  • houses the collection of bibliographic data and manages a database of the environment and the biodiversity of ecosystems of the Aegean Islands and Peloponnisos.

The Natural History Museum Library functions in direct collaboration with the Library and Information Center of the University of Crete. Part of the material is cataloged in the main catalogue of the Library and Information Center of the University of Crete (OPAC) and you can search through this link.

The library includes 7000 reprints of works in scientific journals

Access in the rest of its material is provided only through the local catalog of the NHMC-Uoc library where also you can find the information you are looking for.

Different kinds of materials are collected and catalogued in the Library of NHMC-Uoc, including both printed and not printed material. Currently, the collections are:

  • Books (Approximately 2200 titles)
  • Copies of 7000 articles published in scientifical journals, dealing mainly with the topics of natural history and environment of Crete, other Aegean Islands and Peloponnese but also including other topics of research.
  • A Data Base of bibliographic data on the fauna and flora of Aegean Islands and Peloponnese (modern and fossil)
  • Videotapes and CD ROMs, volumes of various proceedings of Congresses, educational material
  • Maps of the Hellenic Geographic Military Service (H.M.G.S.), P.N/Y.Y, Institute of Geology and Mineral Research
  • There are also volumes of various journals such as Biologia Gallo-hellenica 1967-1995, Annales Geologiques des Pays Helleniques 1942-2018, but the journal with the largest number of volumes in the NHMC-Uoc library is the Journal of Zoology, with issues starting from 1940 and ending with the year 1998.
  • Environmental Impact Studies, mainly for Crete.

The material from the library collections is not available for loan, but can be used only in the library premises. Instead, users are advised to photocopy any printed material they need to loan for a longer period of time.

The material is acquired either by being purchased by the University of Crete, or as donations from institutions or individuals.

Such valuable donations were made by: Dr Antonia-Nelly Riga-Karandinos 161 books from the personal library  of the first professor of Ecology in Greece Michalis G. Karandinos, Professor of Ecology at the Agricultural University of Athens [1933-2017] , Mr. Krystof Zyskowsky, Collection manager of  Yale PEABODY History, Mrs Ingrid Halling and by Mrs Marian Waters, daughter of Dr Edward Holt Eason, British myrologist [1916-1999] (issues from 1940 to 1998, Journal of Zoology).

It is housed in the facilities of the University of Crete in the White Buildings of Knossos Avenue.

Opening Hours:  Monday – Friday 09:00-15:00

Person in charge : Mina Trikali, 2810-393280,

Mina Trikali
Library – Photo Archive Manager