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Duration: 01/03/2020 to 28/2/2023
Principal Investigator: Fassoulas Charalampos

 Program website – Adrion website

ΑDRISEISMIC seeks to exchange and systematize knowledge and practices to drastically improve the approaches for dealing with and to secure the reduction of seismic vulnerability in historical urban center, historical squares and their surrounding buildings.

It aims to build upon the available knowledge and to develop new integrated approaches to innovate and harmonize the normative, technical and training frameworks in the ADRION area, providing ready-to-use methods, tools and procedures that will be integrated into the existing policies and practices, thus strengthening local responses and reducing vulnerability to natural hazards.

Project is coordinated by Alma Mater Studiorum – University of Bologna, and has seven more partners: the Institute for Vocational Training of Construction Workers in the province of Bologna – I.I.P.L.E.; the City of Kastela, Croatia; the Municipality of Gjirokaster in Albania; the Regional development agency Backa in Serbia; the Slovenian national building and civil engineering institute; the University of Crete and the Region of Crete in Greece.