The Botany department of the natural history museum of Crete has redefined its goals and purposes in an attempt to play a stronger scientific and social role.

Endemic plants of Crete, Their Biodiversity, Biogeography and phylogenesis Protection of endangered species, the impact of recent global environmental changes to the plants, the use of biological and physiochemical methods for the tracing of environmental pollution and the biotechnological applications for the protection of the environment are the main goals of the Botany department.


Photos of botany collection



The Herbarium of the Botany department contains the following collections

Higher plants collections

  1. Collections of plant specimens of Crete with more than 1.050 plant species. Our goal is to include in the near future, all 1.800 Cretan species
  2. Collection of plant specimens from continental Greece
  3. Collection of plant specimens from Cyprus (about 155 specimens)
  4. Collection of plant specimens from Tunisia, Moroco, Syria Jordan and Egypt, collected during NHMC research expeditions.

Collection of Cryptogams

  • Collection of Bryophytes of Crete with more than 70 species.
  • Collection of Bryophytes of continental Greece.
  • Collection of Bryophytes of other European countries
  • Collection of Lichens