The Molecular Systematics Lab (MSL) of the Natural History Museum of Crete, University of Crete was established in 2001 and it is currently supervised by Dr. Poulakakis Nikos (PI).
    It is a fully equipped molecular lab supporting the research projects of the PI that involve phylogenetic, phylogeographic, population and conservation genetic studies on animal populations. The MSL includes standard bench equipment, and all the necessary instruments (UV-tables, Gel documentation system, waterbath, thermoshakers, incubators, pH-meter, centrifuges, PCR machines, electrophoresis systems, and automated DNA sequencer) for proteins and DNA-RNA research. Several researchers can be accommodated simultaneously. Libraries, computer support services and laboratory services are provided by the University of Crete. Moreover, robust network connections and extensive computer hardware (NHMC Cluster) are available.

The MSL is available for use to all qualified faculty, staff and graduate students from within the University of Crete community. Inquiries from researchers outside the University of Crete are also welcome. Prior to using the facility, all individuals must provide evidence of a background in molecular biology techniques, and sufficient funds to cover laboratory consumables and fees while conducting research in the MSL.
   MSL also supports Undergraduate, Postgraduate (MSc) and Doctoral (PhD) theses that supervised or co-supervised by the Biology Department of the University of Crete.

For more information please visit the laboratory web page.