The European project EFES (E-Tools for E-Schools) promotes digital integration in learning, teaching and training at various levels, notably through tackling the issue of ICT-based training and assessment practices and access to open educational resources in schools. It aims at developing and piloting a Web TV and web-based LMS platform (Learning Management System) for primary and secondary school teachers in order to facilitate the use of information and communication technologies in learning and teaching process. The project is focused on an innovative approach for teachers training providing more strategic and integrated use of ICTs and open educational resources (OER).

Moreover, EFES project targets common problems for the educational systems of EU countries such as the existing gap between available technologies and their application in teaching process. The project aims to equip teachers with practical skills and tools for learning resources preparation and use and to provide them with wide range of teaching ideas and pedagogical instruments concerning the introduction of ICT. This will not only straighten the profile of teaching professionals but will also support the implementation of European Commission Action Plan on Opening up Education.

In the frames of EFES project, best examples of partners’ activities will be presented and new training tools will be prepared based on blended-learning approach. The “blended” approach provides a significant learning opportunity as it combines the immediacy of communication among the instructor and the learners and the irreplaceable practical training on the field, and the convenience, flexibility and self-regulation of education without the time and space constraints.

The final project results will be available in four EU languages – Bulgarian, Italian, Greek and English, and will be adjusted according to the cultural, social and educational context in each country. This will not only enlarge the scope each partners’ work but will make the number of the potential users unlimited.  

The project EFES E-Tools for E-Schools” was funded by ERASMUS+ (2015-1-BG01-KA201-014219) and its duration is 2 years (1 October 2015-30 September 2017). The Bulgarian Educational Institution “Center for Educational Initiatives” is the coordinator while NHMC-UOC participates as a partner.