The “Civil Protection MODEL- CP MODEL” (ECHO/SUB/2014/693249) is two years a European project (January 2015-December 2016) developed with the contribution of partner organizations from Austria, Greece, Italy, Spain and UK, actively operating in the civil protection, resilience and education fields. The project aims at defining resilient strategies and increasing the ability of towns to become “can-do communities”, diffusing knowledge and practices and creating a massive learning strategy for resilient learning communities and self-resilient communities.

The final purpose of CPMODEL is to facilitate the adoption by other Countries of the tools that CP MODEL will create, by giving an important contribution to the already existing international initiatives in the resilience field and to reach many other local communities and local policy making leaders.

With the aim of contributing with new ideas about how to transform a traditionally organized local community in a resilient organization, CP MODEL intends to design a significant perspective of creation of a learning platform, providing a practical contribution in terms of guidelines and indications, learning resources, information and experiences about how to react in case of criticalities and disasters.

Coordinator for Greece: Dr Voreadou Catherina, University of Crete-Natural History Museum of Crete (NHMC), e-mail: