SEE is a two-years European project, co-funded with the support of the Civil Protection Financial Instrument. It targets different population groups such as Volunteers, Educational Community and Civil Protection Services .The aim of the project is to train the above groups on procedures and rules in case of natural and/or anthropogenic disasters.

The partners involved are Educational Organizations and other Public Services from six European countries:

Centro Studi e Formazione Villa Montesca (Coordinator), Italy (
Regione Umbria, Italy (;

Center for Educational Initiatives Association, Bulgaria ( )

Natural History Museum of Crete, University of Crete, Greece (

The Netherlands
Stichting APS, Netherlands (

Colegiul Tehnic de Transporturi, Romania (

Consorci de la Ribera, Spain (

Importance of Education before Natural disasters

25% of the EU population is under the age of 18, and spend over than 2.340 days in school. It is clear that the educational system plays a key role in the community response to natural disasters. If a disaster affects a community, one of the first tasks at hand is to educate the public.


Establish a web based platform for multiple users with multiple tools aimed at prevention, student emergency response education, volunteers, schools, and professional emergency services.

Safeguarding the educational enviroment

The program "SEE-Safeguarding Educational Environment" foresee the creation of a platform with educational digital channel. A first step in creating Educational Television for Civil Protection.

Creation of a common platform

In Europe there are several projects targeting both pupils and disaster teams . However , many useful information and action plans remain at a local level . A common web-based platform wouldl be a solution giving access to information and ensure dissemination through new mechanisms and tools . Existing mechanisms would be complemented with the creation of a web page, offering a  comprehensive training program on the prevention , preparedness and protection before and during a disaster .


Tools such as games, courses, photos, and vides, will be added to the Web TV program.

Web TV platform

The edu web program will be created as an instrument to allow interaction with various digital channels, dedicated to the prevention and mitigation of risk. One will also have the ability to transmit programs of events.

E-BUSINESS solution

The Project mandates two basic tools for the development of the Web TV:

  • A Guide on Civil Protection.
  • A series of programs providing information about how to create products for the European Civil Protection Channel.
  • Educational programmes for the web channel and the pilot series addressed to students and aimed at enhancing the knowledge about the risks and the consequences of the disasters.