• Duration:
    01/10/2005 to 30/09/2008
  • Scientific responsible:
  • Budget:
    253,617.00 €

Full project title: "Teaching Methods and Pedagogical Strategies for the Promotion to Schools of CONservation and Sustainable Development of FRESHwater Ecosystems."

The aim of the CONFRESH project was to promote the conservation and sustainable development of freshwater ecosystems to schools of secondary education through:

  • Design and development of printed and electronic educational material, promoting not only the knowledge but also the emotional and the psychomotor needs of pupils.
  • Adaptation of innovative teaching methods and strategies.
  • Professional training of teachers and the collaboration and mobility in the field of education
  • Use of information and communication technology, in school education
  • Establishment of a network between the European Secondary and University education
  • Reinforcing the European perspective in education by the application and dispersal of new pedagogical strategies and methods in schools, targeting both to pupils, as well as, to teachers.

The future aim of CONFRESH is also the resulting course to be delivered over several years by the partner organizations, after the end of the project.