Photo category:
Rocks and Minerals specimen collection

  • Photo taken Locality: Greece, Macedonia, Chalkidiki
  • Photo taken by:
    Trichas, A.
  • Photo taken date:
    October 2011

Photo of a sample of Chalcopyrite, Zinc Blende, Galena and Siderite, donated in 2000. The chalcopyrite is a mineral of copper. Its color varies from yellow to bronze. It has a shiny metallic luster, with opalescent surface due to oxidation. The sphalerite is a mineral of zinc, its color is black, brown or red and its shine is resinous to demi-metal. The siderite is a carbonate mineral of iron, the crystals are rhombic with curved seats or prismatic, its color is pale brown, caramel, and the shine is vitreous, and pearly. The galena is a mineral of lead, its color is yellow to yellowish. It has a metallic shine and its crystals are mainly cubic.