• Photo taken Locality: Greece, Aegean, Cyclades, Kimolos isl.
  • Photo taken by:
    Paravas, V.
  • Photo taken date:
    March 2013
House Centipede
Phrygana diorama

Photo of the chilopod Scutigera coleoptrata. This is a typically yellowish-grey centipede with 15 pairs of legs. It is a cosmopolitan species. It has been found mainly in the lowlands up to 800 m. It reaches 3 cm in length, but it looks even larger because of the long pair of legs, in particular the last one, and the longer antennae. Due to long legs it reaches high speeds of up to 0.4 metres per second running on walls ceilings. Scutigera coleoptrata is an eurytopic centipede distributed in habitats modified by man or in scrublands. It is common under stones and in crevices whilst it is often found in agroecosystems and houses. It is active during spring and autumn and feeds on smaller ground arthropods.