• Photo taken Locality: Greece, Crete, Lasithi, Xerokampos
  • Photo taken by:
    Dretakis, M.
  • Photo taken date:
    March 2013
Greater Flamingo
Coasts diorama
Lake ecosystem
Estuaries diorama

Photo of Greater Flamingos, Phoenicopterus roseus. The shallow brackish wetlands in the small Mediterranean islands provide food for many birds and they are rich in invertebrates. Flamingos filter mud to feed. The Greater Flamingo is mainly observed during winter, but occasionally also during spring and autumn, in the shallow wetlands of the southern Aegean like Psalidi in Kos Island and Alyki in Naxos. Due to its characteristic beak it can filter the salt water and the mud of the shallow wetlands to consume the invertebrates that live there. The species' population has increased during the past years not only in Greece but also in other Mediterranean and Middle East countries.