• Photo taken Locality: Greece, Crete
  • Photo taken by:
    Trichas, A.
  • Photo taken date:
    March 2013
Balkan Terrapin
Turtles - tortoises and terrapins
Estuaries diorama
Rivers diorama

Photo of the Balkan Terrapin, Mauremys rivulata, which can be found in several types of wetlands, even where mild pollution exists. They feed with small invertebrate animals, amphibians, fish and plants. Females open holes into the soil and lay there their eggs. In spite of the fact that it is a hardy animal, it suffers from habitat loss, especially in the smaller islands. In wetlands which dry up in summer, it hides underground to avoid desiccation. In the northern and cooler wetlands it overwinters in the water where temperature is more or less stable.