• Photo taken Locality: Greece, Thrace
  • Photo taken by:
    Trichas, A.
  • Photo taken date:
    March 2013
Red deer
Even-toed ungulates
Mixed forest of continental Greece diorama
Oak forest of continental Greece diorama
Mountainous conifers (southern Bulgaria) diorama
Coniferous forest ecosystem
Deciduous forest ecosystem

Photo of Red deer, Cervus elaphus. During the last decades the Red Deer in Greece has suffered a dramatic decrease in numbers and distribution. Now only a remnant population of 20-30 individuals survives in the Rodopi mt, at the Greek-Bulgarian border. Another significant population of a few hundred animals lives in Parnitha National Park, near Athens and another very small population, around 10 animals still survives in Epirus Region. The Red Deer in Greece is threatened by poaching, habitat deterioration and disturbance due to infrastructures. Given its extremely low population it has been classified as Critically Endangered species for Greece.