International scientific and technical congress on the illegal use of poison baits in the natural environment: Effects on biodiversity and society.
In the frame of the project LIFE09 NAT/ES/000533, the "Poison, Wildlife and Society" congress is one of the mains actions of its communication programme, organized by Fundación Gypaetus at Córdoba, Spain. Is the first one of the hole package of international meetings, that will be organized by each partner of this Life project in their own countries. En español
Illegal use of poisoned baits is a serious threat to public health and biodiversity, both in Europe and world-wide. This illegal practice represents one of the biggest conservation problems for wildlife, often becoming the main cause of non-natural death.
The "Poison, wildlife and society" congress is organized in the frame of the project LIFE09 NAT/ES/000533 "Innovative actions against illegal poisoning in EU Mediterranean pilot areas", as one of the main actions of its dissemination programme.
The aim of this international project is to develop, monitor and evaluate different innovative actions oriented to eradicate or reduce the use of illegal poisoned baits, which is one of the principal threatening and extinction factors for a number of species, as the Iberian wolf, the Brown bear, the Iberian lynx, the Imperial eagle or the Bearded vulture.
Official languages: English, Spanish.
Dates: November 14, 15 and 16, 2012
Location: Córdoba Congress Centre. Córdoba, Spain.
Field visit: Life+ “Innovation Against Poison” pilot area ES1 “Valle de los Pedroches”. Demonstration of the European Canine Team (ECT).
Key words: Biodiversity, Birds of prey, Canine team, Carbofuran, Carnivores, Conservation, European networks, Forensic protocols, Game management, Illegal poisoning, Life projects, Human–wildlife conflict, Hunting, Legal aspects, Livestock management, Poison baits, Toxicology, Wildlife management.
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Reduced Fee (field visit not included), to November 14, 2012: 10€
Complete Fee (field visit included), to November 14, 2012: 20€
The complete fee include: registration fee, material, and travelling and lunch expenses of the field visit.
Refunds: Cancellations will not be accepted.
Given the current and widespread delicate economic situation, and the lack of resources available for assistance to various scientific and dissemination activities by staff of governments, private entities and general public, the conference organization has found necessary to substantially reduce the registration fees. The valuable support of some sponsors have made this decision possible. The fees reduction forces us to manage without some of the services included in the previous call, but without this circumstance affecting the conference program nor its scientific or technical quality. Please forgive these changes.
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Contact with Communication Area of Life Project at Fundación Gypaetus.
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