On 6-8 March the International Conference on the Protection of Griffon Vultures in Cyprus was held at Hotel Elias Beach Hote in Limassol.
The Conference was attended by scientists specialized in vultures, from Cyprus and abroad, as well as representatives of government agencies and non-governmental organizations concerned about the protection of this species.
The participants had the opportunity to exchange views and experiences on vulture conservation, providing their expertise in protecting and enhancing the population, reintroduction of species, best practices, monitoring and inventory techniques etc. With the knowledge gained from the conference, an Action Plan and the Protocol for the protection of Vultures in Cyprus will be created.
Participants from the University of Crete –Natural History Museum of Crete were Dr. Michalis Probonas and Dr. Stavros Xirouchakis, who also made a presentation on «Griffon Vultures of Crete: Protection and conservation program of Griffon Vultures».